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Hi!) How is your morning?) How is the mood?) How is your day?) All good luck and a good day)

Feel like shit. 30 degrees heat. Summer, please stop. Have a nice day!

Its Sunday, and I went to church and really enjoyed the worship service! Its 98 degrees and super hot outside! Now trying to figure out what to have for lunch! Hmmm....Haha! Thanks for the post! :-)

It seems to be the hotest summer I experiences up to now... Having a flat on the top floor, is quite challenging with temps like that. Thanks to the person, who invented ice-cream. Good excuse for having one or the either ice-cream treat... :-) :-)

I got up at 8 am and I am full of smiles. It's a good day. Its very hot, but I dont mind! I'm going to training at 6 pm and it will be fun. Have a nice day too!