What would you eat right now? Everyday life and customs

I want Kebab or Chinese sauce with rice now. I'm hungry. And banana


Nothing, I have an indigestion, I just want to throw up 🙁

I really feel like Ice cream Mochi right now.

I wouldn't eat anything right know. I ate like 10 minutes ago XD

Pizza forever ! <3

Chocolate *.*

tea, only tea, always tea

Potato noodles with white cheese and butter ;P

Some home-made ice-cream, because it's really hot outside. Any flavour is good 😛

Porridge, coffee and Piena Lase (hard boiled candies from Latvia).

I would like to eat scrambled eggs with broccoli and pasta

Shrimp scampi! Pasta & Lemon Butter & White Wine Sauce! 😉

I ate chocolate cake made by me

Sushi, PLEASE, GOD!1!!

A thin, crunchy, Venezuelan arepa filled to the brink with ham, cheese, black beans, onions and avocado, topped with homemade garlic sauce.

I think pizza is the answer for everything

rice, with dal , and aloo Vadi all Indian food.