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Hi folks !
I stopped computer science to move into cuisine. So to do my best in my new passion and career, i'm holding a cuisine blog. I want to discover to my followers world food.

But i haven't which dish cai i cook so in function in your country, which dish is typical in your home ? It can be even a food that you eat often. I accept also the most weirdest like Surstromming, Century Egg or Natto :p

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Hmm I guess Braised beef, marinaded in Vinegar (Sauerbraten) with dumplings is typical German or white sausages. A typical dish from Cologne is (Himmel und Ääd) mashed potatos with applesauce and onions. It is often eaten with sausages or blood sausage.

I hope I could help you a little bit (:

Well.... in México we have a ton of typical food.... but if I had to choose I would be between pozole, tamales and tacos... so delicious 😋

In Szczecin (Poland) we have this delicius street food that everybody should taste one time in their life. It's called Pasztecik and is a type of bread dough (really soft and kinda sweety) filled with cheese and mushrooms or with crauti and mushrooms, then it is fried. But if you want to make them right you have to use a special machine ( invented by russians during IIWW to feed the militars).
I also love cooking and have had my own blog to ( i say had cause now with the studies i haven't so much free time to post). Good luck! :)

In Hungary are so many traditional and typical foods: gulyás, csirkepaprikás, palacsinta, töltött káposzta…

Oooh. Congratulations on your venture!

We have a variety of cuisine in India, but if you want something we eat on a regular basis, you should try preparing "Marag".
It's kind of like soup with meat, that you can have with bread ( or roti ) too.

All the best!

Pierogi Ruskie
Pierogi z owocami
Pieczeń i pyzy
Chłodnik litewski

It sounds really good! I’m also really into food and nutrition! As you should know, in Italy there are so many typicall dishes like pasta, lasagne and of course pizza!

Wow a lot of great food here!

Well, I like dimsum. That's a name for several little dishes. My favourite dimsum is 蛋挞。
When you go to a restaurant eating dimsum, it's called yamcha. Really common in Hong Kong.

I live in Sicily and we have "rosticceria" which are baked products like arancine, baked or fried calzoni, tiny pizzas, sfincioni, baked or fried inis, rollò, ravazzate and many others


I really like a good burito and green chili.

I am Italian, from a region called Lombardy. In Italy each region has its most famous recipes and each city its most typical recipes. In Milan, where I live, there are the nerves that are the cooked nerves and then made to cool and cut into thin rectangles and seasoned with vegetables in oil or pickles as an appetizer, then the Milanese risotto which is a cooked rice in a broth with marrow, onion, saffron and then when the broth is dried and the rice is cooked, you put the butter and the grated parmesan, and then of second course there is the Milanese ossobuco ,, a slice of meat around the bone under the knee and then floured and browned in oil and butter and then faded with marsala, covered with broth and cooked slowly for one hour and then when the broth is dried, put parsley with chopped lemon peel and eat with mashed potatoes. For dessert there is the Milanese cake (meneghina would be a way to call the Milanese) but I can not explain how to make sweets, because I know a few, another typical dessert is the Christmas cake, a dough leavened for days and in which there are raisins and candied fruit in pieces and then baked in a yeast oven until it becomes twice as high. The Italian foods that I love instead are pizza, cheese, Ligurian octopus, fried fish and panzerotti that is bread dough stuffed with tomato and mozzarella and then fried

In Russia there are a lot national dishes : potatoes , porridge , borscht

Aujourd'hui je suis chocolatière, mais étant passée par là cuisine avant, ça reste aussi une de mes passions de voyage 🙂

I love this wrap: a tortilla wrap spread with eggsalad, put on half of it roasted salmon, cover it with cooked spinache and roll it up. Slice the roll and enjoy your food.

In Spain... Tortilla de patata and croquetas are the best... If you eat fish you may also like paella, but in my opinion is not as good as other stuff hahaha.

In Italy we have so many dishes...arancino, pizza, cannolo, granita, various types of pasta (norma, carbonara, ragù...)...I can continue for hours xD