Are you a morning person or not? Everyday life and customs

I'm always happy when i wake up

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Didn't use to be, but now I'm ok with my 5:20am start...around 22:30 it's time to hit the bed and I'm still trying to get used to that 🙂

wake up for first lesson (7:10) at 5:00 ..i'll never get used to haha

Oh, yes, I'm a morning person.
I must stand up at 5.30 am to be at school at 8 am. cowboy

Nope. I need to get up at 6 every morning since I was six years old (except for weekends) and I'm still not used to it. On weekends I usually sleep until 11am.

I really hate mornings! Without coffee I'm a grumpy thing at the table! And I do have to stand up every morning at 6 ...

I think I could say I am. I usually stand up at 7 o'clock at weekends and in the week I stand up at 5:30 or 6 o'clock. And I'm used too it (sadly)

I'm can't study in the evening, so I woke up about 4:00 morning and study for my lessons

I am an early bird, I wake up normally at 5

I am an early bird

I hate morning. I hate wake up, get up, do breakfast, wash me, dress me, get autobus, school

I am an early bird, I wake up normally at 5
And gohmos is the most annoying guy. Leave me alone.

Not a morning person at all

Nope! I'm more of a night owl than a mornig bird lol

I am a morning Person, But also i am sleepless...maybe for this i am a little crazy.

Of course... I'm not 😃 I can sleep even to 15...

Definitely no. I love sleeping and when I have to wake up early it's a tragedy for me. I am always late

I usually am awake by 5 am up shortly thereafter. Coffee pot set to brew at 5 45. Red some caffeine to really get going. Tom