What makes you happy? Everyday life and customs

What are the things that makes you feeling happy? :D

I think that spending time with friends and playing guitar :) What about you?

A lot of things makes make happy!
I love spending time with my friend, doing my workout, fitness and running! I love listening to the music too.

Listen to music and spending time with my friends makes me happy :)

Friends, music and books! And TUMBLR!

Books,computer games and food

Eating nutella, drinking, watching animes, hanging out.

Going ro music festivals and travelling

Helping others by giving tips or listening to them and when I see the gratitude in their eyes. :)

Nearly everything! If you really look around you, you'll find lots of things to be happy about! :)

For example: When you're with people together who put a smile on your face :)

Spending time with my friends and in the pool makes me happy :D


Being with my friends, making some music, watching movies the whole night :D

ice cream ;)

movies friends and sleeping ;)


Food and some special people!