Are you SCOUT? Everyday life and customs

Do you know what mean Scout? Are u Scout? 🙂

Yeah I know the meaning of scout but during the last year I wasn't engaged in a scout group. I was doind it at college. But like we used to say, "Scout a day, scout for ever" 😁

Yeah, same problem there. i'ts a soo hard to be scout and on college... 🙂

I was a scout, for 2 years and a half! I quite like all the activities made, sometimes it was funny too, but i find i wasn't too able in practical activities 🙂

I was a scout, and I loved it 😃

I used to be a scout, but im not anymore

i'm a scout 🙂 in my country scouting is harcerstwo 🙂 and i'm scout (harcerz) 🙂 since september 2011 😛

i'am a scout 😉

No and I'm thinking none time of my life. xD

Me too! i am at the seascouts.


I am a scout toooo and I love it!
have you never been to the jamboree?

Me too! i am at the seascouts.
Splendid! So was I 🙂 Unfortunately university kicked in so I had to stop, but absolutely loved every second of it 🙂

Yes 🙂 I'm scout and I love it

I was in scouts for about a year in grade school. I enjoyed it, but never had enough time for it.

Hi guys🙂 it was very interesting, I was preparing for my scout examination and suddenly I wanted to rest I opened this site and for the first time the forum section and I clicked and saw this post🙂))
I am also a scout since last April, when I joined scout group I even didn't know why I join or what it will give me, just I wanted to try something new and I really loved it, I think scouting gives a person many many things I feel sorry that I joined scout group so late.
Good luck guys !