Do you like horses? Everyday life and customs

Hi, I'm looking for people, that like horses, ride them or maybe keep them.
This is a place, where we can talk about them. Would you like to join? 🙂

Hey Marta, I do like horses! 🙂 In vacation, me and my sister go horseriding a lot 🙂 It's nice to be so close to an animal, and feel safe...

Not much I prefere Dodo Bird. 😃

Oh, that's nice too 😃

I truly like Horses and prefer Horse riding in free time. :clap

hi! I like 🙂 My hobby is taking care of them. I go two (or more) times in a week to the stables 🙂

Just little ponies.

I was riding a horse few years and I really love them!

Not really. There are had a period where yes but since longtime now no. 😉

i loove horses 🙂 I have been riding since im 10 and i still love it.

When I was a child, I love horses so much !! Now I like horses too, but not too much. I would like to do horse riding, but my parents gave me to figure skating ...

I really love horses! When I am graduated from university I am going to buy a horse. So my dream is to have my own horse (or 2 haha).

Yes I love horses, I 've got my own horse and I really love her...