i need a help with learning french language... culture, history; Français

Hi! I work every day with french language, culture, but first of all - history (especially Napoleon). i study it and i dream of going to the France for some years. but i have problem with language. maybe i find any person who would like to help me with it... :)

Hi_ thank you for your e-mail! I should speck in English(in participate) because on next June I'm doing an exam,in Italy you have to do this exam at 8^ year of school..
In this exam there are all subject but I'm a little afraid of English probe..
In this probe you have to speck English(and it isn't a problem for me)
But I'd like to do some practice..
(Sorry for troubles I'm studying English :))

Salut camélia
Je vive dans le sur de Italie, un région que s'appelle Puglia.
Je serais très content de aide vous avec la longue italien, je pense que le théme de la nouvelle que vas à écrit est très intéresant psqc j'aîme l'historie.

Yess, no problem if you won't I can speak French For help you.
I study leanguages at the university and study French Spanish but next year I will study other lenguage.
My problem is that I'm not very good with English and I would like learn more.

Salut! I'm french and I know very well Napoleon ;)
On peut discuter si tu en as envie :)