i want penpal from all around the word !! Français

Hi everyone !
I'm french and i really want to be friends with a person who lives in a different country
I want to improve my english, my spannish and my german !
But even if you can speak english It would be a pleasure to learn an other language
And sure i can help you with your french
We can talk about chat you want !
music, books, life etc...
(I really love punk and rock music) but also pop etc..
send me a message, or respond here :)

See u !

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Hi, I'm Sara and I live in Italy. I'm 14 and I speak Italian and English, and it would be great to improve my French (cause it's not so good, I guess).
I love books, rock music, travelling, Tumblr and smart people, and since you seem one of them, I'd like to talk with you! :)
We can talk by e-mail, if it's ok for you. :)
If you're interested, let me know!
Bye! :)

Hi, I am Loreley, 23 years old and from Belgium. I like dance, pop and rock music.

My mother tongue is german, so I can help you with it.

If you like, we can communicate by mail (loreleyloreley02@gmail.com)

Nice to hearing from you,