What do you think about gun law in your country? Politics and governments

Hi, what do you think about gun law in your country?

Police are allowed big semi automatic guns, and pistols. Farmers are allowed shotguns and some people are allowed minor guns with payed yearly licences only at a gun club.

In Poland you can have every semi automatic guns for hunting, pistols, shotguns, and rifles for "sport" but without full auto guns

only some hunter allowed to hold it.others not allowed to hole gun,it is a good law i think although looks not Democratic

In China, most people are not allowed to own guns. Ordinary people can't buy guns on the market. As far as I know, even if you are a policeman, you can't use a gun in any situation. I think it's good because it makes us feel safe.

In Korea, as you know, most people are not allowed to have their own guns.
I really really like this policy.
Because people in Korea don't need to worry about the problems that the guns can cause.

No guns here

In Sri Lanka. Guns are not allowed. Only security force can use it

I haven't seen a gun in my life, but it makes me feel safe?

I like our gun laws. I think everyone should be allowed to protect themselves. Most people are good decent people. But there are bad people everywhere. They count on you being weak.

OH I think we should forbid guns, In a some countrys you can get a gun like a coke. Thats not OK. With one shot someone can die. I think thats no good. Only the Police should have guns.

I think that it is totally naive to think that if the guns are forbidden there will be no guns in circulation...
Bad people will always find guns to commit crimes...
Have seen years ago a small documentary in which a French Journalist succeeded to buy a gun in less than 2hours in a popular city...
SO the conclusion is that, currently, up to no good people have access to weapons where good civilians have not...

The solution should be to allowed a part of the population to have access to guns.
These authorizations should be based on the Age, the Education, the Job, guns experience (police/military men and women)the criminal record, etc
Like this, there would be a kind of militia that could be anywhere in the streets, backing the police, but have also lots to lose in case of abuse...
In conclusion, this discrimination-based gun policy would be a great alternative to the current situation.

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My thoughts are this. Many are against guns as well as for them. If you could get rid of all guns and the like great! But this can NOT be done! How could it. So with that said I think banning guns would not be the answer. Sure, it limits guns but also limits protection. If everyone had a gun, I think less crime would be committed. Who would walk into a bank with a gun, if everyone hade one. By banning guns it only takes them away from the people needing them. People who use them for stealing and killing will still get them. They do not care about it being illegal. What they are using them for is illegal and that does not stop them. We need to educate people about guns and the dangers. If someone robs a bank with no protection. Easy pickings. To rely on one security guard or a few police would be bad. They can not be everywhere. Think of it like how ants work. A few ants can be dealt with easily, but if the whole colony was there to protect themselves, well you get the idea. Imagine if in school shootings that the adults all have guns, would this have stopped so many children being killed. So guns are not he issue. It is the people using them.