What is your opinion of United States President Barack Obama?? Politics and governments

U.S. continues its belligerent policy toward the Middle East and Latin America. is a farce as the Nobel Peace Prize, why the U.S.? has seven military bases in Colombia, Costa Rica are now militarized zone, Obama could do nothing against the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, the U.S. is still the same or worse than the Bush era.

He's an improvement on Bush, but that's not really saying much is it? He seems like he's the american Tory Blair. All charisma and pretty speeches but there's naff all substance behind the words.

I agree with ClysmicBells. Anyone who thinks Hitler or Bush were good men, mustn't be good people themselves. Now Obama, he's good man...

Well, anyone short of Hitler would be better than Bush...
Y-E-S :blink

Quetzald - Psst, Obama did admit that he didn't deserve that prize..

+ - Since the countries (Afghanistan, Iraq) etc have been reduced to rubble (Even more rubbelish' than they used to be) - There really wouldn't be a point. The U.S is stuck since they're not used to the whole guerilla combat thing. And so is my country 🙂
- Point is - We're there, we might as well finish the job.
(In my own personal opinion, a withdrawal would be like pissing on the graves of every soldier that gave their life for the cause)

I think that He has good Ideas but he speaks only. A lot of words but no facts..USA needs facts not words. I think that he didn't deserve the nobel prize after only 4 or 5 months of his presidence. You can't win the Nobel prize for peace when you say that you need to set up a new expedition of soldiers in Afghaninstan and Iraq

Speak only ,but no acting.

Well, I think Obama is great. I don't believe it's an easy job to stabilize USA after all the years Bush had the power... so everyone should have some indulgence that it will take time. And hey, the Nobel Prize is a joke, come on Yasser Arafat got the Peace price 1994! Hah, that's just sick.

I don't believe it's an easy job to stabilize USA after all the years Bush had the power... so everyone should have some indulgence that it will take time. And hey, the Nobel Prize is a joke
I agree with you =D

For my part I think that the President Barack Obama is a good president. The president Kennedy was a good president I think too. I don't know why but when I saw in the tv the american presidential election, I had got the feeling that Barack Obama will be a good president. And of all I saw and read of that he makes, I'm not dissapointed. I find alway that he is a good president and a great man. So that I would love visited the USA. Already I would before, now again more! 😁

Meh, I have mixed feelings about him. He has done some good things for this country, but at the same time, he hasn't fixed most of the things wrong with our country like he had promised to. I understand he's just one person, and can only do so much, but still. I don't like how he gave some people false hope. Whatever, we've had worse.

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any president during this time right now would be hated. Obama is trying to do his best and he can't make everyone happy. He has his rights and his wrongs, but whaat president doesn't? he came into presidency during a recession, and he has so far made everything better than what it was before. Every single person has his flaws but his are focused on incredibly just because he is the president.. I'm not going against Obama but i am not for Obama either. 🙂

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Again today I think it's a good president. I hope really that he will be again president of USA when I'll visit USA. 🙂