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I'm a 20-year-old female, and I live in Italy 90.

I speak Italian, some English, and a tiny bit of Spanish, French, German, Kannada, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin).

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    Hi everyone! ^-^ My name is Erika and I am an Italian girl, 17 years old (okay, almost 18 now) who lives in a small city near Milan. These are ten things that you would hate or love about me...1. I wanna be a writer or, at least, a musician.2. Music is my life, especially old school music, especially rock and funky, especially every Pink Floyd song. 3. I read almost everything, but my favourite writers are Isabel Allende, George Orwell, J.K Rowling and Khaled Hosseini.4. One Piece is my drug and Monkey D.Luffy is my husband, even if he doesn't know it! 5. I love travelling, learning new languages and discovering other cultures. 6. I am an hopeless romantic person, I think that's the reason why I like Bollywood movies.7. Maybe I like too much dreaming. And I am always dreaming, even when I seem to be concentrated on what I am doing.8. I am in love with the sea. 9. I love sleeping and eating and I think I have never time enough for both these things ): 10. I like writing enumerated lists. If you'd like to know me better just send me a message, I don't bite and I answer to everyone!