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I'm a 23-year-old female, and I live in United Kingdom 159.

I speak English and a tiny bit of French, German, Italian.

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    Hiya my name is Corrie :)
    I live in Scotland, UK :)
    I'm 15yrs young :)
    I like playing football and im right midfield and i am in my school girl football team with my best mate Katie who is also a member on here. :)
    There is many other things i enjoy doing such as hangin out with my m8s, goin to the beach, shopping, swimming and loadzz more. :)
    The only language that i speak at the moment is Englisg but i speak a very small bit of french as i take that subject in School. :)
    My favourite bands, popstarzz are Cascada, Leon Jackson and many more.. :)
    I really hope you enjoy my page