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I'm a 24-year-old female, and I live in Helsinki, Finland 60.

I speak Finnish, some English, Swedish, and a tiny bit of Chinese (Mandarin).

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    About me... Well I'm 18 years. I live in Finland's capital city Helsinki. On my free time I listen to music, read, watch movies, see friends etc. So pretty basic things. About me, well I'm humoristic, really open ummumm... Well I guess that's your job to find out what I am. :'D I'm really bad and lazy to descripe myself. -.-" I'm looking for penpals etc. around the world. I can tell about Finland if someone is interested and I can also teach finnish. My english isn't perfect but I guess it's understandable. :'D Oh, and I really like to write and get letters so I'm looking snailmail friends as well. Okay, anyway... If you want to know something just ask. : )