Hello. It's Yann.

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I'm a 17-year-old male, and I live in Lusignan, France 61.

I speak English, French, some German, and a tiny bit of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean.

I've visited 16 places in 6 countries.

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     Hi! I'm Yann, I've 18 years old and I'm a French boy, I want discover another culture and tradition. I would learn Korean, its my dream. I learn English, German and Chinese at school. All countries are welcome. 

    Salut! Je suis Yann, j'ai 18 ans et je suis français, je voudrais découvrir d'autres cultures et traditions... Je voudrais apprendre le coréen, c'est un de mes rêve. Aussi j'appends l'anglais, l'allemand et le chinois. Tous les pays sont les bienvenue.

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    I visted a lot of french places(to many that I can't say you everything). However, I already went in Italy, Greece(I was baby then I can't remember to anything), Vatican, Monaco...